Raising Funds for a Cause through Modern Wilderness Expeditions

If you want to support a cause, you should consider going for a modern wilderness expedition. You can either go alone as a solitary journey or involve a group of people who share the same passion.

Identifying the Cause

In case you are wondering how the trip to the wilderness can help you raise the money, you should know that it works in the same concept as other causes. The first step is to identify the cause you want to support. Some of the things you need to consider when determining a cause are:

  • Your passion: you will do better when you choose a cause that you are passionate about. You are likely to convince other people to support you, and your passion is what will drive and sustain you through the hardships.
  • Relevance: if you want to get people interested in what you are doing, or to donate towards it, you have to choose a cause that resonates with many people. Humanitarian causes, support for the environment, or being a part of a global or regional campaign yields good results.
  • Impact: the main reason why people engage in worthy causes is to create changes and leave an impact. Choose a cause that will likely lead to change.

Raising the Funds

Once you have established the cause you want to support, the next step is to start raising funds. There are many ways to go about it, including:

  • Selling merchandise: You can have merchandise such as Tshirts, umbrellas, and mugs printed out asking people to support your cause. The money that is gathered through the sale of this merchandise can then be used to support the cause. Let people know that buying the merchandise will help you go for the expedition you are planning.
  • Crowd Funding: A popular way for raising funds for whichever cause is by crowdfunding. This can be done through social media, or sites such as GoFundMe. Have an excellent introductory text about the journey you will take to the wilderness, why it matters, and why people should support you.
  • Yard Sales: You should consider having a yard sale and inviting people to participate. Having a yard sale is an easy and convenient way of raising money towards a good cause.
  • Savings: You can make a deliberate effort to fund a cause you want to champion by putting aside part of your savings. Think of it as a donation towards a worthy cause.

Raising Awareness

Sometimes, you may not have the funds, but you could focus your support into training awareness. By going to the wilderness expedition, you can make other people know why it matters to you. Get merchandise that will support what you believe in. Use your social media pages to talk about why you are going to the wilderness and why it matters to you. Use all the means available to you to get people interested in joining you.

The more you talk about the cause you plan to champion, the higher the chances that you will interest many people. Do not get discouraged at first when you do not get the feedback that you had anticipated. If you keep spreading awareness and getting people interested, you will have a following soon enough. Always remember that even the strongest and most visible causes were started by an individual. That person could be you.