Your Guide to Modern Wilderness Expedition to Raise Funds

Is there are cause you are so passionate about and you are looking for ways to raise funds and awareness to get more support? There are many ways of being a part of a cause you believe in, and going on a wilderness expedition is one of the unique ways to go about it. Welcome to, the site where you get interesting perspectives about going for wilderness expeditions and how to use such trips to raise funds.

Preparing for Modern Wilderness Expedition

In case you are wondering how to prepare for a wilderness expedition, you will get the right guidance here. From how to identify the right place to go for the expedition, to what to carry with you; everything has been listed here. Consider this site to be your guide that will ensure that you have a good time while you are out there. Sometimes, something as basic as knowing the kind of shoes to wear for your expedition will make the difference in whether you enjoy your trip or are miserable the whole time. Luckily, there are people who have been to several wilderness expedition trips and are willing to share their experience. Reading through the content here will be like having a conversation with a trusted friend.

What to Do in Wilderness Expedition

Granted, being on the road whether you are on foot or you are on a bicycle can be tedious. That is why there are articles here to lead you on some of the activities you can do on the expedition. Socialising with the people you meet, playing online casino games, and taking time to learn new things are some of the tips. Since your expedition will be to support a cause, you also understand the different things to do to make your activities visible and impactful.

Raising Funds for a Cause through Modern Wilderness Expeditions

If you want to support a cause, you should consider going for a modern wilderness expedition. You can either go alone as a solitary journey or involve a group of people who share the same passion.

Identifying the Cause

In case you are wondering how the trip to the wilderness can help you raise the money, you should know that it works in the same concept as other causes. The first step is to identify the cause you want to support. Some of the things you need to consider when determining a cause are:

  • Your passion: you will do better when you choose a cause that you are passionate about. You are likely to convince other people to support you, and your passion is what will drive and sustain you through the hardships.
  • Relevance: if you want to get people interested in what you are doing, or to donate towards it, you have to choose a cause that resonates with many people. Humanitarian causes, support for the environment, or being a part of a global or regional campaign yields good results.
  • Impact: the main reason why people engage in worthy causes is to create changes and leave an impact. Choose a cause that will likely lead to change.

Raising the Funds

Once you have established the cause you want to support, the next step is to start raising funds. There are many ways to go about it, including:

  • Selling merchandise: You can have merchandise such as Tshirts, umbrellas, and mugs printed out asking people to support your cause. The money that is gathered through the sale of this merchandise can then be used to support the cause. Let people know that buying the merchandise will help you go for the expedition you are planning.
  • Crowd Funding: A popular way for raising funds for whichever cause is by crowdfunding. This can be done through social media, or sites such as GoFundMe. Have an excellent introductory text about the journey you will take to the wilderness, why it matters, and why people should support you.
  • Yard Sales: You should consider having a yard sale and inviting people to participate. Having a yard sale is an easy and convenient way of raising money towards a good cause.
  • Savings: You can make a deliberate effort to fund a cause you want to champion by putting aside part of your savings. Think of it as a donation towards a worthy cause.

Raising Awareness

Sometimes, you may not have the funds, but you could focus your support into training awareness. By going to the wilderness expedition, you can make other people know why it matters to you. Get merchandise that will support what you believe in. Use your social media pages to talk about why you are going to the wilderness and why it matters to you. Use all the means available to you to get people interested in joining you.

The more you talk about the cause you plan to champion, the higher the chances that you will interest many people. Do not get discouraged at first when you do not get the feedback that you had anticipated. If you keep spreading awareness and getting people interested, you will have a following soon enough. Always remember that even the strongest and most visible causes were started by an individual. That person could be you.

How to Prepare for Modern Wilderness Expeditions

Going for a modern wilderness expedition is a fun way to raise funds for a good cause. You do not have to have gone on many expeditions for you to join one. You just need to be well prepared and then go with the next team. The guide that will help you is as follows.

Start Mental and Physical Preparation

Most expeditions take several months where you are expected to be on foot most of the days. This will require you to be physically fit so that your body can sustain the pressure. Start training, even if it means taking long walks after work, or getting on your treadmill every day. When your body gets used to the physical activities, you will not feel strained when you finally head to the expedition. You should also be mentally prepared. Start denying yourself the little pleasures you are used to, since you may not access them when you are out on the expedition. Wean yourself from the television and keep off the internet so that you are mentally prepared for what awaits you.

Do Research

Once you have established where you will be going, it is time for you to start gathering as much information as you can get. Read blogs from people who have gone on such expeditions and learn from their experience. Watch videos that have been documented and feel free to reach out to experienced people to answer some of the questions that you may have.

Get the Right Gear and Equipment

The gear and equipment that you carry with you when going for an expedition will determine your success. It is simple things like wearing the right shoes that make a whole load of difference. Have a checklist of all the things you need to carry with you, including the kind of clothes to wear, if you are on a bicycle, you need to take spares with you. There is nothing as horrifying as being in the middle of nowhere, only to realise that you forgot an essential item. Start packing and buying the things you need early.

Put Things at Home in Order

If you are going to be away for long, you should alleviate the worry that comes with realising that you forgot to pay some of your bills at home, or you forgot to switch off something, and you cannot go back home. That is why you need to start putting everything in order before you leave. Find an app that automatically pays for your bills. Start using items in your fridge so that you do not have to leave a fridge full of unused items that you have to throw away. If you stay alone, tell your friends or relatives that you will be away so that nobody gets worried when you cannot be reached.

Counter Check Your List

As mentioned earlier, you need to start planning early. Come up with a list of everything you need. You should then reach out to some of the people who have gone to expeditions and ask them to share their list with you so that you see if there is something you are leaving out. If you are on any type of medication, make sure that you have got enough supplies and that you have packed them. You do not want to start your journey and suddenly realise you have to stop because you forgot your essential medication.

Organising a Fundraising Event Through Modern Wilderness Expeditions

Fundraising events involve numerous activities that may require proper planning. Combining every aspect is not an easy task, and sometimes you might be forced to hire a professional fundraiser who will ensure that everything runs smoothly. However, if you have previous experience of a fundraising event, the little skills gained will serve you well. Read the guide below to enhance your knowledge of organising a successful modern wilderness fundraising event.

Set your Goals

You cannot wake up one day and decide to hold a fundraising activity without any objectives in your mind. Fundraising becomes successful when you have a set goal. To come up with realistic goals, it is important to for one to assess their needs, and in this case, it’s the amount you need to raise to achieve a particular work. Besides, you must evaluate your abilities and calculate a reasonable amount depending on your past performances.

Draw a Budget

Planning and sticking to a budget is one of the crucial steps to meeting your target. One of the biggest you can make is coming up with an unrealistic financial plan. A clear and precise budget improves efficiency as it is a way of minimizing unnecessary cost. When drawing a budget for a wilderness fundraising event, you need to factor out various costs including, catering, entertainment, promotional products, marketing, the cost of the venue and the equipment and gears required.

Select a Date

You need to identify the best day to carry out your fundraising event and notify your audience. The best way to plan a date is by doing it in advance to allow for proper planning. When you are sure about the date, you can book a venue that hosts diverse wilderness activities to increase your fundraising potential. However, when selecting a date, you must choose a date when most people are available, and perhaps a weekend can work well. Most importantly, make sure that your event doesn’t collide with other major holidays or functions.

Draw a Schedule

To make sure that every activity unfolds as planned, you must plan a program that will cover all the scheduled activities of your event. In your checklist, list all the tasks and how and who will perform them. Additionally, you need to create a timeline for each activity and make sure that it fits your donors’ schedule.

Market Your Event

Identifying excellent marketing tools will enable you to reach out to many potential donors. Most importantly, use your networks wisely to help you reduce the cost of advertisement. However, a marketing tool cannot be effective if you don’t create a clear message. Therefore, consider identifying suitable themes, naming the event, create the event’s logo and probably a hashtag to reach as many people as possible.